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08:30 - 09:00

Welcome Coffee and Registration

09:00 - 09:10

Welcome and Introduction

Maurits BrugginkSecretary General, EMOTA

09:10 - 10:00

Keynote Session

Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the European Union

Paolo Battiston, Executive Vice President Digital Payments & Labs, Europe, Mastercard

Jadwiga EmilewiczMinister for Entrepreneurship and Technology, Poland *via video

10:00- 10:15

Ecommerce Across Europe

Daniela Bojahr, VP Sales Central Europe, Statista

10:15 - 11:15

M-Commerce and the Millennial: E-commerce in an age of mobile ubiquity

Shopping habits are now largely dictated by convenience, with commerce taking place always and everywhere. Millennial consumers in particular are driving wider trends towards greater convenience, choice and value. This trend has been largely enabled by the widespread proliferation of smart phones, which has resulted in increasing numbers purchasing on their mobiles and often on the go. As m-commerce continues to grow, what are the implications for consumers, industry and policymakers?

Questions will include:

  • How can the commercial opportunities offered by the ubiquity of mobile be leveraged? What technologies are enabling and driving this shift?

  • With millennials still appearing to value the in-store experience, is there an argument for multi-channel operators to rejuvenate the in-store experience? If so, in what ways can e-commerce players attract millennials to their bricks and mortar offering and for what purpose?

  • If m-commerce represents the future of e-commerce, how are different European regions adapting to this?  

  • With the utilisation of consumer data crucial for generating business, how can policy approaches keep consumers safe whilst allowing industry players the ability to maximize the opportunities enabled by data?

Olivier Tsalpatouros, European Trade Affairs Director, DPDgroup

Magdalena PiechHead of Regulatory Affairs, Allegro & Chair, European Tech Alliance

Sukhdip Mann, Key Account Manager EC, Statista

Jolanda Girzl, Director, Konsument Europa/ECC Sweden

Ozan Acar, Head of Industry Councils and Entrepreneurship, TOBB - Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges

Moderated by: Werner Stengg, Head of Unit for E-Commerce and Platforms, DG CONNECT, European Commission

11:15 - 11:30

Refreshment and Networking Break

11:30 - 11:45

The role of e-commerce in the EU's trade agenda

Fredrik Beckvid-Tranchell, Member of Cabinet, Cecilia Malmström’s Team, European Commission

11:45 - 12:45

Meet the future... The upcoming tech transforming the E-commerce sector

This session will discuss the innovative technologies transforming the digital economy. E-commerce has traditionally been driven by a constant process of disruption and renewal, with businesses and platforms alike utilising technology to derive competitive advantage. From the application of AI to the use of voice activation technology, we provide a platform for changemakers to present their ideas and discuss how the e-commerce sector of the future will function. The regulatory elements of disruptive technologies will also be considered. This session will provide practical examples of innovation disrupting business practices and consumer experiences and will assess what the policy implications are.

Questions will include:

  • How is technological change manifesting itself in the online economy? How much attention is being paid to research and development in this context?

  • How are technological innovations being utilised to bring the online and offline worlds together and improve the omnichannel consumer experience?

  • In what ways does technology provide an opportunity for innovative insurgents to break online hegemony?

  • How are e-commerce platforms aiming to greater utilise consumer data and what are the data privacy considerations of this?

  • To what degree are regulators ready to adapt to and shape upcoming innovations? What is the ideal role of policymakers in supporting developments to the digital economy? How can policymakers ensure they are agile in responding to e-commerce innovation?

Justas Šireika, CEO, Blockchain Centre Vilnius

Alexey Popov, CEO, Spitch

Silvio Macedo, CEO and Founder, ShelfAI 

Moderated by: Eline Chivot, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Innovation

12:45 - 13:30


13:30 - 13:45

Keynote Speech: Protecting Consumer, Improving Trust

Marie-Paule Benassi, Acting Director of Consumer Affairs Directorate, DG JUST, European Commission

13:45 - 14:45

Delivering logistics fit for the digital economy: The future of cross-border parcel delivery

Several upcoming innovations are offering the ability to truly transform the delivery sector. Research suggests that consumers are continuing to prioritise free delivery, in addition to the ability to curate their delivery options. This has led to innovations such as hour-long delivery lead-times in metropolitan areas, placing additional pressure on delivery players more broadly to respond. Stakeholders in the ecommerce sector are reliant upon affordable and reliable logistics yet there remain many barriers to frictionless cross-border e-commerce. The session will look at the latest delivery trends and what the policy actions should be at both national and European levels over the 5 years that will address the remaining hurdles to a true digital single market.

Questions will include:

  • How will AI technologies, which are moving us ever closer to automated delivery processes, impact the delivery sector?

  • What are the best practices for return of goods and what innovations are upcoming to improve this process? What is the role of fulfilment centres in the delivery environment?

  • How can delivery companies keep up with consumers exponential demands for faster and more localised delivery? Can delivery times be brought down even further?

  • What are the ongoing barriers to seamless cross-border pan-European delivery and how can these be overcome? What are the implications of the European Commission’s recent communication on the guidelines to national authorities on the transparency and assessment of cross-border delivery tariffs which came into force in the end of 2018?

  • In what ways are innovations in order management systems improving the delivery system as a whole?

  • How can we ensure the price of cross-border delivery is standardised across the EU? How are postal operators investing in their e-commerce logistics operations?

Raphaël Goulet, Head of Unit, Public Interest Services, DG GROW, European Commission

João Cadete de Matos, Chairman of the Portuguese Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacões  (ANACOM) and Current ERGP Chair

Lucy Anderson, MEP

Jan Bart Henry, Head of EU Affairs, PostNL

Moderated by: Scott Marcus, Senior Fellow, Bruegel

14:45 - 15:00

Refreshment and Networking Break

15:00 - 16:00

Payments and the future of E-commerce: The application of secure, efficient and easy to use payment solutions

Innovations in payments are at the heart of the value and convenience proposition of e-commerce. Payment systems must be secure, efficient and easy to use, whether they are emerging or established. The creation of a truly pan-European payment area across the Digital Single Market remains the goal for payment legislation, and this session will explore the opportunities offered by new payment technologies, how these are being applied by e-retailers and if the regulatory response is effectively keeping up with this rapidly changing environment.

Questions will include:

  • Has the successful market adoption of contactless payments demonstrated a broader appetite for further payment innovations?

  • How are blockchain and peer-to-peer payment technologies being integrated into ecommerce?

  • How are the established payment providers innovating and to what extent are they leading the innovation drive?

  • What will be the impact of Europe’s Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA) regulation coming into force in September for emerging payment biometric technologies such as facial, fingerprint or retinal recognition?

  • What should the European Commission’s approach be towards the payments landscape in the next five years?

Mikael  Svensson, Vice-President, Government & Public Policy Europe, Mastercard

Nicolo Brignoli, Policy Officer, Retail financial services, Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services & Capital Markets Union, European Commission

Eva Maydell, Member of European Parliament

Jean Allix, Special Advisor, BEUC

Niall Bodkin,  Founder, & Chairman, eCommerce Association of Ireland

Moderated by: John Basquill, Editor, Payments Compliance


Conference Close and Post-Event Cocktail Reception

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